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Natural Radiant Health

Sharon MacKenzie

Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner

Sharon MacKenzie

Natural Health Specialist

I'm an Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner based in idyllic Scottish countryside twenty minutes north west of Glasgow. I'm married with two children, one working in film and the other studying Art at University, and also have a friendly Border Collie, Skye.


I've been an actress for thirty years and also a Holistic Massage Therapist for over twenty years. When I worked in film, television and on stage, I loved portraying the varied energies of different characters. As a massage therapist I always make a point of tuning into the energy of my clients during sessions.


Becoming a certified practitioner in Eden Energy Medicine has taught me about the body's energy systems. Balancing energy can change lives. It gives individuals  better control of their health and  can help improve health and well-being, dealing with issues such as:

-  stress, fatigue and anxiety  

-  lack of vitality or joy

-  pain relief

-  hormonal imbalances 

-  feeling stuck

For more information, please read on.

Meet Sharon

Eden Energy Medicine


Energy is the substance of the universe.


Every atom and molecule is energy.


Your body's energies flow, spin, spiral, stream, weave, and crisscross in unique patterns.


Energy needs space to move.


Toxins, stress, constriction in the body and negative thinking can all interfere with the optimum flow of energy.


Energy can form habits that persist even when the need for the habit has passed.


Energies can be re-patterned.


Energy can foster and restore the full, free and dynamic flow of health throughout the body... this is Energy Medicine!


Donna Eden   © 2019, Innersource

Eden Energy Medicine



Sessions are usually 90 minutes or longer. A  typical session involves discussion of your needs, work on a massage table and suggestions for home care. 


Table work may include relaxation techniques, energy/muscle testing and holding of acupressure points, meridians and chakras, with the intention of balancing energies. Sessions can be done lying on a table, sitting or standing, all fully clothed.

After each session I will give you some home reinforcements to maintain the balance and flow of your energies so that you can continue the work we have begun


To tune into the needs of your body's energies; to offer release, balance, nourishment and restoration of natural flow and vitality.

What happens

If you come to me as a client, we will track your energies together through energy testing and each session will be tailor-made for your individual needs. 


My aim is for us to balance your body's energies and enhance your energy fields. This will bring your body into a balanced and harmonious state.


As we work together I will teach you energy exercises to help bring joy and vitality into your life. The methods I use are gentle and non-invasive. 


Ultimately I aim to educate all my clients so that they can strengthen their body's own innate healing capacity and learn to be healthier and happier.  

"The body is designed to heal itself. If you tap into its healing force that force will lead you toward health. The body wants to heal, and every cell carries extraordinary intelligence and fortitude."

Donna Eden


Professional Disclaimers


Medical disclaimer

I do not diagnose or treat illness, injuries, medical conditions, mental health issues, disease or act as your physician or therapist. Any discussion of health conditions is incidental to healing of energetic imbalances and should not be misinterpreted as a form of diagnosis or treatment. The work I do does not substitute for diagnosis or treatment from a qualified health practitioner. It is possible that physical and emotional after effects may occur when your energies have been stimulated and adjusted.



Your experiences during our sessions are confidential, subject to the usual exceptions that you may instruct me to release information to other health practitioners or if there is a clear and imminent danger to yourself or another person. If I work with other members of your family, we will discuss in advance the kinds of information that I may and may not reveal.



Tracking your energies with the help of energy tests to find the imbalances in your body that may cause your specific issues and beginning deep work.
Going into much greater depth to change habits and maximise healing potential.
6 x 90 min sessions £300
10 x 90 min sessions £420


A quick de-stressing session to balance your overall energies and ground you in order that your body and mind can relax and refresh. Good for stress and sleep issues.




Your Improved Health Starts Here

Please note: all cancellations must be notified 24 hours in advance or the full fee must be paid. If an emergency situation arises, please let us know so that we can treat your specific situation with personal attention.

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Alternatively please call me on 07907 819585

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